Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting ready...

10 days and counting! We cannot believe that our departure is approaching so quickly! It feels as if there is so much to do, people to visit, and necks to hug before we can begin. We appreciate all the prayers, love, and support you've shown us toward this journey. Jordan and I are excited and ready to begin our life in China!!! Crazy!?! Yes, but we know this what God wants us to do for now. We both see this adventure from completely different angles- Jordan is looking forward to improving his Chinese so that he can fluently speak the language and make some contacts to where he can work from the United States end and me, well I'm excited about the teaching aspect of it and the daily challenges that not knowing ANY of the language and not a whole lot about the culture. Jordan definitely has the advantage. =)

Our departure date is August 2nd and we'll fly from Atlanta to Washington D.C. and then straight to Beijing, China! We will have about a three week training in Beijing and will take a 10 hour train ride to Shenzhen, China, where we will be for the next ten months. Shenzhen is about thirty minutes away from Hong Kong. The weather will be hot to warm all year's about like Miami temperatures. Pray for Jordan! ;)

We hope that you will enjoy reading about our upcoming adventures as if you are there with us!! Enjoy!!

Tyler & Jordan

* I'll be writing most of these, but I'll make Jordan's stories are told!! -Tyler =)