Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet My Class!

Here is some pictures of my precious kiddos and a few classroom shots! I love my kids!! I'm missing a picture of kid...he's a new kid (ooops!), but I'll post more later with him! =)

This is Lou-Ann.  She's from France.

This is Marcel. His dad is German and his mom is Taiwanese.  

This is Andy. He's from Hong Kong. 
Every morning Andy greets me with a BIG "Good morning Mrs. Chambers and proceeds to bow! =) Love it!  

This is Emily. She's from Hong Kong.
 She's tasting a lemon because we were studying our 5 Senses.

This is Victoria. Her dad is Chinese-Canadian and mom is from Taiwan. 

This is David W. He's from Hong Kong. He's excited because he thought he had BINGO! 

This is Tonya. She's from Taiwan. She has a twin sister half her size in the other 5 year old class. 

This is David C. He's from Korea. He's working on an art project. 

 This is Lou-Ann again proud of her bear!

 This is Amy. She's from Hong Kong.

This is Tiffany. She's from Hong Kong. She's new to our classroom too! 

 This was our door for the first month of school.

Another angle of the door...

 We traced ourselves on the second day of school. =) 

Another view of us on the windows! 

More =)

Calendar/Meeting area 

Part of our ABC chart that we made!

Mrs. Chambers disaster zone-aka my desk =)


...Chinese phrases that have been poorly translated into English...

One of the highlights of daily life in China has been finding terribly translated signs into English. At first we would just laugh about what we saw and now it's gotten to where we take pictures of signs for proof that just make us laugh out loud!  -Tyler & Jordan

 Thought this was funny when we were searching for something on Google Maps in Chinese and Google's response is: "Did you mean ______ near the United States?" Didn't know that place existed "near" the US... 


 Carefully meet whom?

 Watch your head maybe?

 No pets allowed maybe? Or literally- Keep off your dog!
This was in Wal-Mart this summer...
Good advice...I'll leave my ladder at home next time I'm using their escalator...
Thanks Sam Walton!

Some things they translate exactly that we wouldn't necessarily call it...
Notice on this menu "COAGULATED PIG BLOOD"
Excuse me while I go throw up! GROSS! 

This sign is in all the metro stations...
No Smoking
No weapons, explosives, etc.
No Pet
No Balloon 
(our personal favorite because the picture shows balloons but you can't bring on many, 
but the wording says no to only one balloon )
No Drinking or Eating

"Oh China"...Part 2

Year 2 in China and the "Oh China" moments have not stopped...after so many people enjoying this blog, I'd thought I'd add a few more things that happen and you can only say "Oh China"...Enjoy! =)

* You order mozzarella cheese sticks at "NYPD" -New York PIZZA Department- and it comes with ketchup to dip it in. Oh China!

*You're on a bus and the road the bus takes is blocked off. EVERYONE freaks out including the bus driver because they don't know how to get back on the right road. Everyone is calling someone for advice and feel that it's their duty to convince the bus driver. Forty-five minutes later you've finally started to get back on the bus route, but by now you're already late and hop off at the next stop to turn around and go home. I mean are you really a bus driver and NOT know the roads? Oh China!

*When boys hold hands and it's ok because they really are JUST friends...Oh China!

*You get a bag of M&Ms and a Gatorade and the total is 9.30 RMB...You give a 10 and 50 cents because they like as close to exact as possible. But the change they give is 1 RMB and a stick of Doublemint Gum!!! So I'm guessing the stick of gum is worth about 20 cents??? Oh China!!!!!!

*We live in China and the "staple" food here is rice. Well how do you explain it when you order rice at a restaurant and they proceed to tell you, "We're out"....hmmmm...Oh China! 

*You begin a new job and don't get paid for 60 days...yeah thankfully Jordan's 60 days are up this weekend! Whew! Oh China!

*You get 3 days off from work but have to make them up on the weekend. So do you really get the days off if you're making them up on Saturday and Sunday? Oh China!

* You can go to this art district a little bit out of town and find over 1,000 Mona Lisa portraits, Van Gogh paintings, etc and they try to convince you that it's real and make you pay a lot! Huh?? Oh China!

*Kids are potty trained as early as possible by wearing "split pants"...a onesie with no cloth covering the baby's bottom...and how do they do it you might ask? By lifting up there legs (anywhere: drain, trash can, smack dab in the middle of the street) and whistle in that little baby's ear... Ta Da! Pee! And yes, daily we see little kids least ten a day! Oh China! 

Of course these are only SOME of the things that make us say "Oh China", but I'm pretty sure we at least say it once a day! =) 

-T & J