Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little update =)

Ok so it's been a month and a whole lot has happened! 1. We finished teaching on June 10th...a glorious day! =) Not that we (ok really just me) miss my kids, but we were really really ready for the next step here in Shenzhen. 2. Jordan got his first big boy job- he's working with a subcontracting company with IBM...eventually (within 6 months) IBM should offer him a contract...that's the plan...keep praying that all continues to go well. His first day was a very very long day and he was getting sick on top of first day pressure. Luckily he started work on last Thursday and only had 2 days in the office before the weekend. 3. We moved from one end of the city to the other side. We're currently in the most populated area for foreigners. We're walking distance to basically anything we need. We're house/dog sitting for a wonderful family at our church. The have started a great ministry and you can check out the link. They've gone home to Australia for the summer and we needed a place to stay, so it's worked out great! We went from living in a dorm room to living in a 2 story apartment/flat, 3 bedrooms, huge living room, 4 bathrooms, an office, and a great kitchen! It's so nice having these luxuries, even if it is only for the summer! 5. I'm not doing much these days...trying to be productive in getting ready for my classroom for this August. I'll be teaching kindergarten with an American based international school. I'm really excited about this opportunity and nervous about having my own classroom! First time for this, so we'll see how this goes! ;) I'm waiting for my visa/residence permit to be renewed before I can come home...sometime in July?? China leaves a lot of detailed questions just kind of floating in the air all the time, which can be frustrating, but I'm surviving. I love where we live and it's super easy for me to get around. So it could be much worse...we could still be in that dorm room... =) Keep praying for both of us and getting new's a little stressful, since no one can tell us exactly what to do.  6. We found that there were chicken living under the stairs at the dorm...they're not there anymore...=/ Haha...oh China! 7. Jordan and I went into our first gas station in China! We were really excited! We were going to dinner and KTV with the 2nd grade teachers I taught with for an end of the year goodbye.

Here are a few pictures! Enjoy! There's more on my facebook page...check them out!

We love you, T & J

 The chickens under the stairs...I'm sure someone really enjoyed their dinner... haha

Me with two of my favorite girls Tina and Ivy.

Grade 2 Class 2... Last day of English class...I wasn't the only one excited! =)

Inside the gas station! Of course we bought some gum and a Chinese version of Red Bull.

The 2nd grade teachers and their spouses at KTV / interesting night for sure.

Jordan getting ready for work in our new place...

Walking out the door...Lookin sharp and ready for a terrible first day! Poor thing! But things have gotten much better since then! =)