Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our NEW Home (aka apartment)!

Hi Friends!!! I know it's been about a month or longer since I updated last. We've had a good summer trying to stay cool. Jordan's getting in the hang of his job and I started new teacher training today. We moved into our apartment last Friday. It's about a 1000 times bigger than our last place. Not really but it seems like that! We have an actual kitchen, hallway, 2 bedrooms, 2 balconies, living room, and bathroom! We're happy campers!!  IKEA delivered our new sofa, chair, and rug on Saturday along with WAL-MART delivering our new TV. The delivery company for the TV forgot to leave the stand, so for 3 days we had it plugged in and it was sitting in the styrofoam that came in the box! Not safe and I was RELIEVED when the guy came yesterday with the stand! Yesterday was hilarious! Jordan went to work and I needed to be around the apartment because the internet dude was coming at some point. During the morning both the TV guy with the stand and the internet guy called Jordan to say that they would be coming between 3-5pm. The internet guy got here first and we played charades for a few minutes trying to figure out everything...then of course like 10 minutes later the TV guy arrives. So I invited him right in while both guys worked while I tried staying out of the way. There were points where the apartment was awkwardly quiet. It was really funny when I look back at it! The whole time I was texting Jordan giving him updates. =)  The other part that's really funny is when a workman comes to the door and realizes foreigners live there. They get super nervous. It's kinda cute! haha! Here are some pictures of the new place and I've added my link for the album on my facebook account.  CLICK HERE FOR FACEBOOK ALBUM  Enjoy! We love you!!!!

**We're coming home December 11th!!!! TICKETS ARE BOOKED and we WILL be there this time!!!!! =) **

Love, Tyler and Jordan