Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet My Class!

Here is some pictures of my precious kiddos and a few classroom shots! I love my kids!! I'm missing a picture of kid...he's a new kid (ooops!), but I'll post more later with him! =)

This is Lou-Ann.  She's from France.

This is Marcel. His dad is German and his mom is Taiwanese.  

This is Andy. He's from Hong Kong. 
Every morning Andy greets me with a BIG "Good morning Mrs. Chambers and proceeds to bow! =) Love it!  

This is Emily. She's from Hong Kong.
 She's tasting a lemon because we were studying our 5 Senses.

This is Victoria. Her dad is Chinese-Canadian and mom is from Taiwan. 

This is David W. He's from Hong Kong. He's excited because he thought he had BINGO! 

This is Tonya. She's from Taiwan. She has a twin sister half her size in the other 5 year old class. 

This is David C. He's from Korea. He's working on an art project. 

 This is Lou-Ann again proud of her bear!

 This is Amy. She's from Hong Kong.

This is Tiffany. She's from Hong Kong. She's new to our classroom too! 

 This was our door for the first month of school.

Another angle of the door...

 We traced ourselves on the second day of school. =) 

Another view of us on the windows! 

More =)

Calendar/Meeting area 

Part of our ABC chart that we made!

Mrs. Chambers disaster zone-aka my desk =)


...Chinese phrases that have been poorly translated into English...

One of the highlights of daily life in China has been finding terribly translated signs into English. At first we would just laugh about what we saw and now it's gotten to where we take pictures of signs for proof that just make us laugh out loud!  -Tyler & Jordan

 Thought this was funny when we were searching for something on Google Maps in Chinese and Google's response is: "Did you mean ______ near the United States?" Didn't know that place existed "near" the US... 


 Carefully meet whom?

 Watch your head maybe?

 No pets allowed maybe? Or literally- Keep off your dog!
This was in Wal-Mart this summer...
Good advice...I'll leave my ladder at home next time I'm using their escalator...
Thanks Sam Walton!

Some things they translate exactly that we wouldn't necessarily call it...
Notice on this menu "COAGULATED PIG BLOOD"
Excuse me while I go throw up! GROSS! 

This sign is in all the metro stations...
No Smoking
No weapons, explosives, etc.
No Pet
No Balloon 
(our personal favorite because the picture shows balloons but you can't bring on many, 
but the wording says no to only one balloon )
No Drinking or Eating

"Oh China"...Part 2

Year 2 in China and the "Oh China" moments have not stopped...after so many people enjoying this blog, I'd thought I'd add a few more things that happen and you can only say "Oh China"...Enjoy! =)

* You order mozzarella cheese sticks at "NYPD" -New York PIZZA Department- and it comes with ketchup to dip it in. Oh China!

*You're on a bus and the road the bus takes is blocked off. EVERYONE freaks out including the bus driver because they don't know how to get back on the right road. Everyone is calling someone for advice and feel that it's their duty to convince the bus driver. Forty-five minutes later you've finally started to get back on the bus route, but by now you're already late and hop off at the next stop to turn around and go home. I mean are you really a bus driver and NOT know the roads? Oh China!

*When boys hold hands and it's ok because they really are JUST friends...Oh China!

*You get a bag of M&Ms and a Gatorade and the total is 9.30 RMB...You give a 10 and 50 cents because they like as close to exact as possible. But the change they give is 1 RMB and a stick of Doublemint Gum!!! So I'm guessing the stick of gum is worth about 20 cents??? Oh China!!!!!!

*We live in China and the "staple" food here is rice. Well how do you explain it when you order rice at a restaurant and they proceed to tell you, "We're out"....hmmmm...Oh China! 

*You begin a new job and don't get paid for 60 days...yeah thankfully Jordan's 60 days are up this weekend! Whew! Oh China!

*You get 3 days off from work but have to make them up on the weekend. So do you really get the days off if you're making them up on Saturday and Sunday? Oh China!

* You can go to this art district a little bit out of town and find over 1,000 Mona Lisa portraits, Van Gogh paintings, etc and they try to convince you that it's real and make you pay a lot! Huh?? Oh China!

*Kids are potty trained as early as possible by wearing "split pants"...a onesie with no cloth covering the baby's bottom...and how do they do it you might ask? By lifting up there legs (anywhere: drain, trash can, smack dab in the middle of the street) and whistle in that little baby's ear... Ta Da! Pee! And yes, daily we see little kids least ten a day! Oh China! 

Of course these are only SOME of the things that make us say "Oh China", but I'm pretty sure we at least say it once a day! =) 

-T & J 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our NEW Home (aka apartment)!

Hi Friends!!! I know it's been about a month or longer since I updated last. We've had a good summer trying to stay cool. Jordan's getting in the hang of his job and I started new teacher training today. We moved into our apartment last Friday. It's about a 1000 times bigger than our last place. Not really but it seems like that! We have an actual kitchen, hallway, 2 bedrooms, 2 balconies, living room, and bathroom! We're happy campers!!  IKEA delivered our new sofa, chair, and rug on Saturday along with WAL-MART delivering our new TV. The delivery company for the TV forgot to leave the stand, so for 3 days we had it plugged in and it was sitting in the styrofoam that came in the box! Not safe and I was RELIEVED when the guy came yesterday with the stand! Yesterday was hilarious! Jordan went to work and I needed to be around the apartment because the internet dude was coming at some point. During the morning both the TV guy with the stand and the internet guy called Jordan to say that they would be coming between 3-5pm. The internet guy got here first and we played charades for a few minutes trying to figure out everything...then of course like 10 minutes later the TV guy arrives. So I invited him right in while both guys worked while I tried staying out of the way. There were points where the apartment was awkwardly quiet. It was really funny when I look back at it! The whole time I was texting Jordan giving him updates. =)  The other part that's really funny is when a workman comes to the door and realizes foreigners live there. They get super nervous. It's kinda cute! haha! Here are some pictures of the new place and I've added my link for the album on my facebook account.  CLICK HERE FOR FACEBOOK ALBUM  Enjoy! We love you!!!!

**We're coming home December 11th!!!! TICKETS ARE BOOKED and we WILL be there this time!!!!! =) **

Love, Tyler and Jordan

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little update =)

Ok so it's been a month and a whole lot has happened! 1. We finished teaching on June 10th...a glorious day! =) Not that we (ok really just me) miss my kids, but we were really really ready for the next step here in Shenzhen. 2. Jordan got his first big boy job- he's working with a subcontracting company with IBM...eventually (within 6 months) IBM should offer him a contract...that's the plan...keep praying that all continues to go well. His first day was a very very long day and he was getting sick on top of first day pressure. Luckily he started work on last Thursday and only had 2 days in the office before the weekend. 3. We moved from one end of the city to the other side. We're currently in the most populated area for foreigners. We're walking distance to basically anything we need. We're house/dog sitting for a wonderful family at our church. The have started a great ministry and you can check out the link. They've gone home to Australia for the summer and we needed a place to stay, so it's worked out great! We went from living in a dorm room to living in a 2 story apartment/flat, 3 bedrooms, huge living room, 4 bathrooms, an office, and a great kitchen! It's so nice having these luxuries, even if it is only for the summer! 5. I'm not doing much these days...trying to be productive in getting ready for my classroom for this August. I'll be teaching kindergarten with an American based international school. I'm really excited about this opportunity and nervous about having my own classroom! First time for this, so we'll see how this goes! ;) I'm waiting for my visa/residence permit to be renewed before I can come home...sometime in July?? China leaves a lot of detailed questions just kind of floating in the air all the time, which can be frustrating, but I'm surviving. I love where we live and it's super easy for me to get around. So it could be much worse...we could still be in that dorm room... =) Keep praying for both of us and getting new's a little stressful, since no one can tell us exactly what to do.  6. We found that there were chicken living under the stairs at the dorm...they're not there anymore...=/ Haha...oh China! 7. Jordan and I went into our first gas station in China! We were really excited! We were going to dinner and KTV with the 2nd grade teachers I taught with for an end of the year goodbye.

Here are a few pictures! Enjoy! There's more on my facebook page...check them out!

We love you, T & J

 The chickens under the stairs...I'm sure someone really enjoyed their dinner... haha

Me with two of my favorite girls Tina and Ivy.

Grade 2 Class 2... Last day of English class...I wasn't the only one excited! =)

Inside the gas station! Of course we bought some gum and a Chinese version of Red Bull.

The 2nd grade teachers and their spouses at KTV / interesting night for sure.

Jordan getting ready for work in our new place...

Walking out the door...Lookin sharp and ready for a terrible first day! Poor thing! But things have gotten much better since then! =)

Monday, May 17, 2010

30 Things We Did During Our First Year of Marriage:

This is just a rough list of SOME of the many great things we did this year!!! 

1. Moved to China
2. Saw the Great Wall (again) =)
3. Traveled to SEVEN different countries: China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, & Macau. (Ok technically HK & Macau are considered part of China, but we still had to go through customs and get a stamp)
4. Added pages to our passports because they were full
5. Became SSI scuba certified
6. Lived in a dorm room
7. Celebrated every holiday (except 4th of July) with just each other
8. Made the local newspaper
9. Learned how to save money (lived only on one paycheck...saved the other)
10. TEFL certified teachers
11. Taught cute Chinese children English
12. Got involved at our church with the youth group & began teaching Sunday School
13. Went on a mission trip to Cambodia
14. Began cooking homemade we eat banana pancakes every Thursday morning (Thanks Aunt Grace for the recipe)
15. Joined the local gym...we're the only foreigners!
16. Hang dry all of our clothes- not because we want to...
17. Swam with a whale shark
18. Enjoyed many "Skype dates" with family and friends.
19. Saw movies in 3D in Hong Kong
20. Went to Hong Kong for random trips for imported foods, electronics, and fun
21. While living in another country, we still managed to receive monogrammed gifts from family...our Christmas stockings
22. Learned how to cook on an electric hot plate
23. Baked banana bread, brownies, cookies, and a cake in a toaster oven with no temperature setting other than bake, broil, & toast
24. Tried food from all over the world
25. Attended our siblings graduations separately...since Katie and Max graduated on the same day!
26. Bought over 100 pirated movies...I don't think that's a good thing...
27. Had 2 suits, 5 dress shirts, & 1 dress made for under $500 US dollars!
28. Ate at Outback in Hong Kong
29. Joined a small group at our church and we meet every Wednesday night for food and fellowship!
30. Learned how to love each other more and more each day!!

This year has been full of fun, laughter, love, and adventure! We're so blessed and thankful for all the support!! We're looking forward to many many more years together!!!

Here are some pictures to recap our year! 

On the Great Wall

Our first big breakfast we cooked: pancakes, 
hashbrowns, eggs, & bacon

Some of the students Jordan teaches

In Hong Kong on New Year's Eve

In Hong Kong watching Avatar for Jordan's 24th birthday at an IMAX 3D theater

Our 1st Christmas tree...noticed the monogrammed stockings...thanks Mom! 

Jordan in the local newspaper after finishing our first 10K Mountain Road Race

In Malaysia at the Petronas Towers

In Thailand with our scuba instructor and friends Emily and Murray after we were officially certified!

In the Philippines on the longest underground river

In Cambodia during our mission trip.