Monday, March 15, 2010

I know, I know…I’ve started slacking again…

For most of February we were on our nice “Chinese New Year” holiday. After returning from Thailand we were home long enough to wash clothes and not be motivated to do anything before leaving for Guangzhou to work at an English camp. We decided that this experience would be fun (hopefully) but also we’d pretty much break even after being paid and our vacation trip. The camp deserves it’s own blog post which will come soon…but it needs pictures and I’m waiting on a friend to email them to me. So until that blog, I’ll catch you up on everything else.

We started back school on Feb. 24th. It was only a 3 day week but it seemed to drag. Getting back into the swing of things, lesson planning, and waking up early was a little tough, but of course we managed. Things in school have been going fine. Everyone was very “refreshed” after the new year- quite funny actually.

I wanted to update on our church again. Jordan and I started teaching Sunday School in December (which is actually during “big church”)- main sermon. We had wanted a way to get involved and found out that the Jr. high and Sr. high age group had just started a class earlier this fall and the only teachers were a husband and wife couple, Ki and Jenni, from Austin, Texa . They had just moved here about the same time Jordan and I did with their two children and instantly saw the need and decided to break the Jr. high and Sr. high class up and begin teaching. Jordan and Ki rotate weeks teaching the Sr. high (about 12-14 teens) while Jenni and I rotate with the Jr. high (which has increased from about 10 to almost 20 kids now!!!!). Jordan and I have really enjoyed being able to help out and have loved getting to know Ki and Jenni! One week while Ki was teaching, something came up about short term mission trips and Ki was able to tell the class about some of his experiences. By the time class was over, the students really wanted to look into possibly going and serving somewhere. Ki took this opportunity and began looking into some options. For the past five years, he has gone with his church in Texas to Cambodia.

*Geography note: Cambodia is about a 2 hour plane ride from where we live in South China.*

Ki contacted the pastors that he knew there and since then we have been putting details together to serve in Cambodia during the last weekend in April. Yesterday we had a meeting after church to see who was interested and have a Q & A session. We’re really excited with the turn out and interest. Jordan and I would love for all of you to help pray for this opportunity that we have. We will be working doing children’s ministry during our five days there.

1. Please pray that God will prepare not only our hearts of the ones of us going, but as well the children and adults that we will be ministering to. We feel this is such a wonderful opportunity that cannot be passed up.

2. Pray for timing with this trip. Although it ultimately seems the end of April is far away, we have many details to finalize and prepare before going.

3. Please pray for finances for the trip as well. We have such an advantage of price to be going to Cambodia from China, but like always, money unfortunately can either discourage people from going initially or blockades find a way to slow down the process. We will be doing some fundraisers with the church and we hope those are received well.

4. Pray for our Youth. We really want our Youth to step up and really be a part of the planning process. Please pray for their hearts especially. Because of parents' jobs bringing theses students here during their middle school and junior high years, many students miss out on the opportunities that their home churches from the states have and have never been able to be a part of a short term mission trip.

Thank you wonderful family and friends!!! I know God will provide everything we need for this trip! Thank you for your prayers as we begin finalizing everything!!!

We love you!
Jordan & Tyler