Monday, September 21, 2009

Shekou Fellowship Church

Over the weekend, Jordan and I stayed with our friends Emily and Murray. We had a great time visiting the more Western area and completed the weekend with visiting a English speaking church about 15 minutes from Emily's apartment. Jordan and I were excited to check it out. We got to the church, which is at an international school's gym, and saw that it was not only was it packed with good 'ol white folks, but also with those from all around the world!!! There were probably about 150 people there, which was more than I ever expected. We were asked to introduce ourselves and tell where we were from, so that was fun. A couple that was sitting in front of us, introduced themselves and were very welcoming. Jordan and I were overcome with emotion and had a hard time keeping it all in. After being there just a short time, we knew that we would gladly make the hour and half bus ride to be in this atmosphere every Sunday and surrounded by those who love and worship our Heavenly Father! There are also many ways for us to get involved- teaching Sunday School, Bible studies, etc. We were introduced to a family who lives about 25 minutes (by bus)from us who are getting a Bible study together. What a blessing!!! God is so good!!! Matthew 18:20- "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them." (Even in CHINA!!!)

After church, we found some Western grocery stores- expensive, but we broke down and bought a couple of things like Bisquick and syrup for pancakes, Starburst, Rolos, Goldfish, Mt.Dew, and Heinz ketchup!!! It was a little slice of home!!! The grocery stores were tiny and packed full! We had lunch at Subway where a few more families from church were eating. We met them and were able to find out a little more about the church and the families and how they ended up in China. It's fun to hear everyone's stories. Reality check when we got back to our neck of the woods...Oh yeah, we're still in China... =)

I started tutoring yesterday for two girls, Sarah and Sally (7&8 years old). It was a lot of fun teaching a smaller amount of kiddos.

Other than that nothing else is really new around here. We teach daily, use chopsticks 3 times a day, say "hello" to kids all over the school about 100 times a day, and sweat more than imaginable!

We'll have October 1st-8th off from school for the Mid-Autumn holiday & the 60th anniversary of Communist China. Jordan, Emily, Murray, and I are planning a trip to the Philippines. China has announced that next Sunday is a working day along with Saturday Oct. 10th. So we really don't get that long off, since we have to make it up, but we're looking forward to the opportunity to travel and add a stamp in our passports! =)

Hope everyone is doing great! Miss you!!
-Jordan and Tyler


  1. I'm SOOO glad that you found some Heinz ketchup! ;) The church sounds awesome! Y'all sound like you're doing great and not getting too homesick. I don't know how! I'd be going crazy! haha! Anyway, I've been praying for you and will continue! Love and miss you both!!!

  2. I'm lovin the blog. I feel like I'm there again.
    I got a little sad when I read about your Sunday. That was my routine..loooong bus ride, church, grocery store, and then subway. It always made me feel American.
    Enjoy it! I miss it.