Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet My Class!

Here is some pictures of my precious kiddos and a few classroom shots! I love my kids!! I'm missing a picture of kid...he's a new kid (ooops!), but I'll post more later with him! =)

This is Lou-Ann.  She's from France.

This is Marcel. His dad is German and his mom is Taiwanese.  

This is Andy. He's from Hong Kong. 
Every morning Andy greets me with a BIG "Good morning Mrs. Chambers and proceeds to bow! =) Love it!  

This is Emily. She's from Hong Kong.
 She's tasting a lemon because we were studying our 5 Senses.

This is Victoria. Her dad is Chinese-Canadian and mom is from Taiwan. 

This is David W. He's from Hong Kong. He's excited because he thought he had BINGO! 

This is Tonya. She's from Taiwan. She has a twin sister half her size in the other 5 year old class. 

This is David C. He's from Korea. He's working on an art project. 

 This is Lou-Ann again proud of her bear!

 This is Amy. She's from Hong Kong.

This is Tiffany. She's from Hong Kong. She's new to our classroom too! 

 This was our door for the first month of school.

Another angle of the door...

 We traced ourselves on the second day of school. =) 

Another view of us on the windows! 

More =)

Calendar/Meeting area 

Part of our ABC chart that we made!

Mrs. Chambers disaster zone-aka my desk =)

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  1. I love your classroom! And your kids are too cute! (I can also pick out your handwriting...still the same, love it!)